One day, I stopped drinking.


And soon, I celebrate my third year recovery birthday and it’s been one hell of a ride.


It’s about time I gave back a little tho, and shared some of the wisdom I’ve learned from my teachers, with you.


It’s funny, the booze is such a personal journey, yet universal at the same time.


We all got into it for reasons. Reasons, which we told ourselves were *perfectly* valid, perfectly formed, and not excuses at all.


Because, anyone in my position would have. Right?


My real reasons would be different from yours, but we were both escaing the pain, to different degrees, and in different contexts.


One of the biggest insights I ever had was understanding what I got out of it. I wasn’t ready when I was in treatment (sometimes it just takes time), but the wisdom of age taught me to wait, and revisit it.


My sponsor means the world, and she brought me gently, to a place of realisation, of my life’s themes, and the repeating patterns I’d gone after, all these years.


I’ll share some of them here, in the hopes that you’ll recognise a few, and continue on your journey from a positive and more informed place.